These photos taken at the same time were sent by our customer, George, Miami, FL.  Both pots of lettuce were planted on the same day.      
               Lettuce seedlings with worm castings added:                                         Lettuce seedlings without worm castings added:


              * * * * *  Our entire breeding stock is imported from Europe in 2018!!  * * * * *  


Worm castings..... there is a chance that you have already used worm castings and found that it is an excellent product.   Using worm castings in our garden has produced amazing results.  We raise European nightcrawlers  (Dendrobaena veneta now also called Eisenia hortensis) and harvest the worm castings (worm poop). 

Earthworm castings are an all natural soil builder which can provide remarkable benefits.  They have high microbial activity which make the essential nutrients readily available for the plant roots to absorb.  At any concentration

even the most delicate seed or bedding plant is safe. Worm castings will NOT burn. This means

no fear of problems caused by overuse or misuse.

Good fertile natural soil has a pleasant smell and contains a healthy microbe herd.  Worms make

burrows and tunnels that aerate the soil and reduce compaction.  Moisture penetrates the loose

soiland allows plant roots to grow long and strong.  Worms eat and digest their food and bedding

leaving behind the natural fertilizer known as worm castings (worm poop).  Because worm castings

have a coating around each grain the castings are active over a long period of time.  Castings contain a wealth of microbes which break down soil nutrients and make them more available to plant roots.  Worm castings are a soil booster, soil

amendment and soil builder.  Restoring the soil's biological activity is the only long term solution to growing better fruits, vegetables and plants.  This is an interesting link to a video by Cornell University: Vermicompost a Living Soil Amendment.

Pure worm castings are surely one of the best kept growing secrets, an all-purpose natural soil builder that comes to you from nature with no alterations.  They are a rich, odorless, all natural product that is cost-effective because you use just a little to get great results.  Use only a small amount in or around your houseplants, fruits, vegetables and flowers and you will be amazed at the beautiful growth and bigger yields of your plants.

We use our worm castings in our own orchard, vegetable garden, flowers and houseplants.  Our customers get the same quality castings.  Our castings are harvested regularly and are kept moist and alive to ensure you get the abundant biomass of beneficial soil organisms.  They can be used with any medium or soil mix.

Worm castings can be brewed into  casting tea a liquid organic fertilizer which can also be used as an organic insecticide (great for getting rid of aphids).  There are many ways to brew the tea, some very simple and others more complicated using aeration or additives.  You can simply take a cup of castings and steep in a gallon of chlorine-free water overnight and use within 12 hours to water plants.  Be sure to strain the tea before using in a sprayer.

A customer of ours is so happy with the results of using worm castings and castings tea that he sent us pictures of his lettuce seedlings.  He  took pictures of both groups of seedlings on the same day.  Both groups of lettuce were planted at the same time. You can see for yourself the difference in the health and vigor of his seedlings in the pictures he sent.  See below.

These are pictures of tomato and zucchini plants taken in our garden.  We add nightcrawlers to our compost bin and use the composted material, worm castings and worm tea in our garden.  The plants health and vigor is amazing!



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