European Nightcrawlers for Sale

(Dendrobaena veneta now also called Eisenia hortensis)

Our entire breeding stock is imported from Europe in 2018!!                                                                       

If you would like some nightcrawlers we have them for sale!  They make wonderful compost worms and can make short work of composting. Since these incredible worms are temperature sensitive we can ship during the milder months only.  That includes the weather where you are located as well as here.   We ship in March through November - weather permitting.  We ship to the lower 48 states only.  For a bit of information on European Nightcrawlers.  This is an interesting link to a video by Cornell University: Vermicompost a Living Soil Amendment 

Each pound contains healthy, worms mixed sizes (some are not fully grown) -  from tiny to large size- they are not sorted by size.   To get them to fishing size, you will have to let them grow and fatten them up a bit.  IMPORTANT!  Do not allow them to become crowded.  As they multiply you will need to divide them into several new beds/bins.  If they become crowded they will NOT grow to full size, they will become stunted in growth.Click here for information on raising nightcrawlers.

Please Note:  We ship by USPS Priority Mail and are estimated to arrive in 2 to 4 days.  If you  cannot have someone there to accept your shipment just let us know “HOLD FOR  PICKUP”and the address of your post office.  Then you can pick up your worms at your post office within 24 hours of their arrival. Worms will arrive alive but will not survive long in a hot or cold mailbox. Please have their new home ready for them.   When we ship on Mondays your worms  will have plenty of time to arrive before the weekend.  That way they are not left on a loading dock over the weekend.  This is especially important when there is a holiday mid-week.  Our Friday and Saturday shipments usually arrive on Monday or Tuesday, again please have someone there when they arrive.

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                                                                    TEMPORARILY NOT FOR SALE!!

                                                                      European Nightcrawlers - Includes Shipping!

                                                                                                       350+  Euros  $39.95

                                                                                                       700+  Euros  $69.90



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We add nightcrawlers to our compost bin and use the composted material, worm castings and worm tea in our garden.  Just look at the health and vigor of these plants!  As you can see, the European Nightcrawlers would not sit still for the camera.

Yes, these strawberry plants have blossoms, wish the berries had a chance to ripen.  These pictures were taken in our garden on 11/11/15.

                                                            Some of our garden plants in early summer.

These photos taken on the same day this spring were sent by our customer, George, Miami, FL.  Both pots of lettuce were planted at the same time. 

         Lettuce seedlings with worm castings added:                                      Lettuce seedlings without worm castings added: