These photos taken on the same day were sent by our customer, George, Miami, FL.  Both pots of lettuce were planted at the same time.      
               Lettuce seedlings with worm castings added:                                         Lettuce seedlings without worm castings added:

Could not wait for Spring to start the garden this year.  Planted lettuce in this barrel in February 2016 and it is doing good.  Yeah, I have to cover it when the temperature drops but fresh lettuce will be worth it.   And of course the bedding is laced with worm castings. :)  This picture was taken on 3-6-16.

                                                                                A Bit About Nightcrawler Castings and Casting Tea

Our entire breeding stock is imported from Europe in 2018!!

Earthworm castings (worm poop)are one of the best kept growing secrets.  You only need to use a small amount

in or around your houseplants, vegetables, fruit plants and flowers.  The benefits of using castings are easily

seen in the lush growth and increased yields of your plants.  Castings contain microbes which are known to help

re-build soil and break down nutrients to make them more available to your plant roots.  Worm castings,

sometimes called vermicompost, provide a time-released benefit, slowly releasing nutrients over a long period

of time. This is an interesting link to a video by Cornell University: Vermicompost a Living Soil Amendment

To purchase worm castings click here.

Worm castings:

  • More ecofriendly than synthetic fertilizers
  • Contains microorganisms, improves moisture retention and soil structure
  • High microbial activity
  • Better germination and plant growth
  • Greater plant heights, foliage and root depth
  • Faster rates of plant growth and higher crop yields
  • Improved plant health
  • No fear of burning your plants or harming the environment
  • Bigger and better tasting fruit and vegetables
  • Odorless and easy to handle
  • Long term soil health

How are castings produced?  There are numerous earthworm farmers across America.  In one day these "compost worms" are able to transform organic matter into this premium quality soil enhancer.  The worms reduce the volume of material leaving this highly concentrated and powerful soil amendment behind.  Periodically the castings are separated from the worms, screened,  carefully checked for quality and then bagged by hand.  We keep them moist and aerated so they remain alive and effective.  Our castings are produced by

European  Nightcrawlers.  To purchase European Nightcrawlersclick here.

A little bit about casting tea…..
Worm castings can be brewed into Worm Tea (Worm Casting Tea).  The tea is a liquid organic fertilizer which can also be used as an organic insecticide that is great for getting rid of aphids.

There are many ways to brew the tea, some simple and some complicated.  You can simply take a cup of castings and steep it in a gallon of chlorine-free water overnight and use to water plants. It is important you use the tea while it is active and alive, be sure to use the tea or discard it within 12 hours.  You can use a watering can or sprayer for the casting tea, strain the tea before using in a sprayer.  If any tea is left over, simply add it to your compost pile or discard.  After 12 hours be sure to discard as it will no longer be good.

A customer of ours is so happy with the results of using worm castings and castings tea that he sent us pictures of his lettuce seedlings.  He  took pictures of both groups of seedlings on the same day.  Both groups of lettuce were planted at the same time. You can see for yourself the difference in the health and vigor of his seedlings in the pictures he sent.  See below.

We use European Nightcrawlers in our compost bins and use the composted material in our garden along with their worm castings.  These pictures were taken in our garden.  We credit the compost and castings for the plants vigor.